InChem Provides Toll Manufacturing Services For A Wide Range Of Chemicals

Toll Manufacturing Services

InChem is highly experienced and has exceptional capabilities in a wide range of toll manufacturing processes - standard production runs that save customers money, time and risk.

Chemical Toll Manufacturers


  • Toll manufacturing at InChem is a Center of Excellence with not only knowing customers' chemistry platform, but also understanding in depth the customers' technologies for securing efficiency improvements.
  • InChem creates value with how products are introduced in the chemical manufacturing environment with ease.
  • InChem is your preferred outsourcing partner for supporting chemical processes – the know-how you can depend on.
  • Highly motivated chemical management team at InChem provides expertise for analyzing key cost drivers of efficiency improvement.
  • Toll manufacturing allows for penetration of taking products to market with speed because it removes what could be a distraction from your core business management. You can depend on InChem to get the job done!

InChem is also known for its capability to handle difficult materials such as:
• Elemental sulfur
• Sodium hydrogen sulfide (NaSH)
• Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
• Formaldehyde
• Polyurethane dispersions
• Many flammable solvents
• Bulk: Toluene, MEK, Methanol, Butanol, PM Acetate, Ethylbenzene
• Organic peroxides
• Many acids and bases

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