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InChem: Your Best Choice For Contract And Toll Manufacturing

InChem provides contract and toll manufacturing of specialty chemicals to chemical companies of all sizes in need of a responsive, cost-effective partner.

InChem’s chemical processing services include multi-step synthesis, distillations, silane chemistry, toll manufacturing and more. We are known for our exceptionally Responsive, Transparent and Flexible operations:

» Safety and quality first
» On-time delivery
» Responding to your needs
» Competitive pricing

» Highest ethical standards
» Safeguarding your formulas and intellectual property
» Sharing information as partners

» Adapting to your requirements
» Flexible scheduling as needed
» Fast track scale-up to production

InChem has 2 chemical processing plants in South Carolina, both close to major interstates and international airports.

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Contract Manufacturing


InChem is often able to custom-manufacture products for substantially less money and considerably faster than most customers themselves can.

Do you have your own formulas and processes you want us to follow? Or do you have a desired end product and need us to develop a solution? Either way you can trust InChem's highly skilled team to meet your contract manufacturing requirements.»

Toll Manufacturing


InChem is highly experienced in a wide range of toll manufacturing processes - standard production runs that save customers money, time and risk. InChem is known for its capability to handle difficult materials such as elemental sulfur, sodium hydrogen sulfide (NaSH), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), formaldehyde, many acids flammable solvents.

Learn more about our toll manufacturing services here»

Manufacturing Facilities

InChem has chemical manufacturing facilities, plus solid and liquid storage capabilities in Rock Hill, SC, capable of meeting a wide range of customer needs. In addition we have extensive pilot plant and laboratory facilities»