InChem’s Thin Film & Molecular Distillation Equipment Separates And Concentrates

Thin Film & Molecular Distillation

Full System Of  Wiped Film And Molecular Distillation Equipment

InChem’s full system of wiped film and molecular distillation equipment offers a wide range of capabilities for separating, purifying, and concentrating oils, fragrances, pesticides and other chemical substances.

The multi-component operation is able to provide quantities ranging from liters to tank trucks via lab, pilot plant, commercial testing and production.

• A comprehensive range of analytical services aids in the evaluation of distillation efficiency and product purity.
• Distributed control systems enable data logging at the pilot and commercial scales.
• Operating temperatures range from 50° C to 350° C, and vacuums from 100mmHg to 0.1mmHg.
• Condenser temperatures range from -10° C to 150° C.
• Low heat history maximizes yield, avoiding color build and product degradation.

Typical applications include:
• Fats and oils – FFA from vegetable oil, glycerin recovery, purification of fish oil, post distillation of biodiesel
• Chemical/petrochemical – Purification of waxes, solvent separation from silicone oils, concentration of pesticides, purification of monomers and spent lubricants
• Food/flavor/fragrances – Concentration of essential oils and tocopherols, separation and removal of solvents, pesticides and odor sources
• Learn more by downloading this technical presentation (PDF) of the company’s thin film and molecular distillation capabilities.


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Wiped Film Evaporator

Wiped Film Evaporator

- Increase of turbulence
- Increased heat transfer by turbulent film
- Short residence time
- Wiping of viscous and solidified films possible
- Achievable pressure 1 mbar

Short Path Evaporator

Short Path Evaporator

- Short residence time due to turbulent film
- Very small pressure drop for vapors
- Achievable pressure 10 -3 mbar
- Limited viscosities, no solidifying products distillable