Scale-Up Capabilities And Pilot Plant Reduce Your Risk And Increase Efficiency Of Production

Click on video above for a short overview of InChem's pilot plant and scale-up services.

Due to the high costs of launching a high-volume chemical production operation, testing the process at a small level prior to launch reduces risk and increases efficiency. Customers come to InChem with a wide range of potential scale-up needs and opportunities.

Now a flexible new pilot plant, ready to support customers for scale-up capability from small scale to routine manufacturing, has been launched at InChem's main facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The new pilot plant allows the customer to process, test and evaluate its technology in this controlled environment by providing a flexible volume range between lab glassware to full-scale contract manufacturing, all at low risk.

The plant has 5, 16 and 30-gallon reactors, a condenser, flaker belt and more, for a wide range of output. The pilot plant’s sophisticated equipment also can provide pressure or vacuum, not possible in a glass lab. It minimizes the use of raw materials, especially if expensive ingredients are involved in the technology. It can quickly and consistently produce multiple batches under varying conditions for what-if scenarios. It minimizes cost exposure by effectively renting the equipment on an hourly basis so the customer does not have to purchase its own hardware and systems.

The plant’s extensive monitoring equipment also generates process information for purposes of continuous improvement, but useful for scaling up. All data generated by InChem through process monitoring is the confidential property of the customer for your own future use. InChem may also suggest potential process improvements based on its highly experienced staff’s expertise. Customers are provided a private office next to the pilot plant while their process is underway.

Output from the pilot plant may be further tested and analyzed in InChem’s advanced analytical laboratory on site, quickly, conveniently and cost effectively. If you require higher volume production, InChem’s full contract manufacturing and distillation plant is available as needed.
It’s capable of output at multiple levels up to a 6,000-gallon reactor plus thin-film distillation equipment.

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InChem Pilot Plant

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InChem's chemical processing services include multi-step synthesis, distillations, silane chemistry, toll manufacturing and more for many industrial and consumer goods manufacturers. We are recognized industry experts in specialty polymerizations, vacuum distillations, silane and siloxane chemistry.

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