Scale-Up Capabilities And Pilot Plant Reduce Your Risk And Increase Efficiency Of Production

Quality control lab

Due to the high costs of launching a high-volume chemical production operation, testing the process at a small level prior to launch reduces risk and increases efficiency. Customers come to InChem with a wide range of potential scale-up needs and opportunities.

Customers typically bring some general information about the desired process to InChem, and we take it into our laboratory and explore what will be needed for production. In some cases customers provide us with full, detailed processes. In others we must reverse engineer from the desired end result. This enables us to identify equipment needed, develop comprehensive safe operating procedures, analytical methods, and any other requirements.

InChem’s highly experienced staff has in-depth knowledge of chemical reactions and requirements that enable us to develop an effective production process. Few other companies do this as well as we do. We develop a full recipe, including all ingredients, including containers needed, timing sequences, heating or mixing requirements, so that we have the basis for a full production run.

But first we move the process into a pilot plant, where we can generate sample batches at a fraction of the cost of full production. This is the first step in scale-up after the initial process development. It’s often a challenging process, as feed rates, agitation, temperatures and other variables change from laboratory quantities to pilot plant quantities. Once these variables have been determined and controlled, we can confidently recommend a total process for producing the desired chemicals in high volume. Another advantage of the pilot plant is that it produces sample products which can be used on a test basis in your plant or other intended applications.

Many customers prefer for InChem to begin producing the desired products on a high-volume basis with our large-scale custom manufacturing facilities. This further reduces risks, saves time and costs, and can get the new products to market quickly and profitably.

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