K6 Reactor System Has 2,750 Gallon Tank, One Condenser, 2,000-Gallon Receiver

» Reactor: 2,750 gal, 316 SS, FV/40 psig, up to 150 psig (165 °C) steam and hot oil (280 °C) on external half pipe heating and cooling jacket, heat exchanger for hot oil, variable speed (0-75 rpm), helical agitator with baffle, 75 hp hydraulic drive, packed gland seal, nitrogen; 16 inch bottom valve

» Receiver: 200 gal, 316 SS

» Condenser: 120 sq-ft shell and tube, cooling tower water, 1/2 inch diameter SS tubes

» Capable of extremely high viscosity reactions, powder drying, raw material feed line from 30,000 gal bulk storage tank, pelletizing system

InChem's K6 Reactor System has a 2,750-gallon reactor, one condenser, and a 2000-gallon receiver.

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