Quality Control, Health & Safety, and Environmental Stewardship Are InChem Priorities

InChem's extensive laboratory and controls ensure quality and protect the environment.

Quality, safety and environmental protection are paramount at InChem. Following standard procedures, protecting our personnel and the natural environment are values we commit to and practice every day. InChem is ISO 9001 Certified, has won numerous safety achievement awards, and maintains over 50 specific safety programs.

ISOISO 9001 Certification– InChem has been continuously recertified for ISO 9001 compliance since 1995. Click on the image at right to download a PDF of our ISO 9001:2015 certificate-ANAB.

InChem Is Fully Permitted

• Fully permitted for industrial operations
• FIFRA Registered (permitted to handle/manufacture pesticides)
• TTB Registered (permitted to handle denatured alcohol)
• Conditional major air permit
• NPDES permits for storm water and utility water
• DOT registration for handling hazardous materials
• Member of Chemtrec, a national system for managing chemical spills on the public highways.

InChem's Quality Assurance is under the direction of Dr. Steve Nichols, Director of Technology for InChem, with more than 30 years experience as a scientist and a manager.

Safety Achievement Award- The SouthCarolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation has presented a Certificate of Safety Achievement Award to InChem for outstanding efforts in the promotion of industrial health and safety. Click on the image to view a full size PDF. For PDFs of other awards click on these links:

• Commendation of Excellence from S.C. Chamber for InChem Corp.
• Commendation of Excellence from S.C. Chamber for Toll Solutions LLC.

ChemStewards Management CertificationInChem has received the ChemStewards® certification from the Society Of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates, recognizing accomplishments in Health, Safety & Environmental programs.

Signs above indicate InChem's genuine commitment to quality, health and safety.

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