Chemical Processing Plants And Equipment Include 20+ Reactors and Many Related Systems

InChem has an extensive array of reactors, including liquids and solids processing equipment to meet all your custom and toll manufacturing needs. We are constantly expanding our equipment capabilities as opportunities arise, so if you don’t see something in this partial equipment list, please contact us for the latest information:

Chemical Processing Plants And Equipment Include 20+ Reactors and Many Related Systems• 20+ reactors, 250 to 6,000 gallons, with agitator, overheads, vacuum, receiver, metered feeds:
- 10 – 316SS
- 1 – 304SS
• Various liquid mixing vessels
• 2 liquid-to-powder reactors
• 2 reactor systems (one steam heated, one hot oil) – each with Reynolds helical agitator blade for excellent radial and axial mixing, high viscosity capability, and reversible agitation
• Ultra-high viscosity capability (high-torque agitators)
• Sandvik chilled (4° c) belt flaker 316 ss, 60 feet long by 3 feet wide
• Sandvik chilled belt, 15 feet long by 18 inches wide

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• Nutsche filters 316 ss
• Pilot-scale Littleford reactor, 70 liters 316 ss
• Fractional distillation column (10 tray) with vacuum capability to 1-2mm Hg
• 350,000-gallon bulk storage capacity
• Bulk sodium melting system
• Thin film evaporator
• Pilot plant with 5 gallon 316SS reactor, 18 gallon 316SS reactor, Littleford reactor, pressure vessel, hot oil., grinder, 250 gallon 316SS reactor with Reynolds agitator
• Molecular distillation using deep vacuum and high temp. Lab, Pilot and large scale

For further details on reactors and processing equipment, as well as our utilities and permitting, contact InChem at 800-331-7721 or use our online contact form»