Effective Ways to Find And Choose Custom Chemical Manufacturers

There are many reasons why most companies hire custom chemical manufacturers instead of setting up their own chemical production units. For starters, it saves money for the company hiring toll manufacturers since they already have a fully-equipped production facility. As a customer, your company can take advantage of this capability at affordable prices, as compared to setting it up on your own and dealing with the operating costs.

Another one of the major reasons why companies like to hire toll manufacturers is that it is also far more safe and time-efficient since the toll manufacturing company has all the latest safety and quality measures set in place. If you want to hire custom chemical manufacturers for your project, here are 3 effective ways to do so easily:

Check the services they offer: Since this is a specialized business, you must check the types of services the company you want to hire provides. It is essential that the company you want to work with offers the services you are looking for. The next important thing is to make sure that they have a considerable amount of experience under their belt to handle that kind of project. Toll manufacturing service companies that are fairly new may not have learned all the tricks of the trade yet, whereas an experienced chemical manufacturer like InChem can handle your needs confidently and effectively. InChem is also distinctive in providing its customers full IP protection. Any discovery made concerning your product or formulas while InChem is working for you remains your full Intellectual Property. This element of partnering with a toll manufacturer should be paramount in terms of importance.

Take note of the plant capacity: The toll manufacturing company you want to hire must have plant capacity that can meet your project volume and deadline requirements easily. Prefer the companies that have a wide range of reaction, distillation, and other chemical manufacturing and processing equipment. They must have a plant capacity that can meet your needs. (Note: InChem has three strategically located plants for flexible capacity and back-ups.) It can be helpful to inquire about expertise of the staff handling the equipment since it can greatly impact the quality of the end product.

Review their safety record: When it comes to chemicals, safety must be your highest priority. You must check if the custom chemical manufacturing company in question has well-defined safety and quality standards which it follows diligently. It can be helpful to set up a meeting with them to understand their approach and practices. You can also check their past record to decide whether they are suitable candidates for your project.

Broad services, the capacity of three manufacturing plants, and a deep commitment to safety are qualities which InChem offers you. Contact us using our online contact form or call 1-800-331-7721.