Chemical Process Development Provided By Expert Team Of Chemists And Engineers

The InChem team includes highly experienced degreed chemists and chemical engineers, plus other professional experts with decades of experience in chemical process development and problem-solving.

Product Development & Technology Laboratory:
• Fully equipped synthesis and process development lab
• Fully equipped applications testing lab
• Scale-up and pilot plant facilities available

InChem's Quality Assurance Laboratory is:

• Staffed by skilled graduate chemists
• Equipment/capabilities include GC’s, GPC, HPLC, KF water, colorimeter, particle size analyzer, turbidity analyzer, flashpoint, solids %, acid value, molecular weight, hydroxyl values, melt flow index, titration, viscosity (Brookfield & Cone, CAP 2000 and plate), all wet chemistry, etc.
• Outside testing available if needed
• Method development available
• Round robin testing
• All testing to client’s requirements

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