InChem Receives Safety Award From South Carolina DOL

InChem Corp. has received a Certificate of Safety Achievement for 2012 from the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

The award was given “for outstanding efforts in the promotion of Industrial Safety and Health, with such efforts resulting in the lessening of human suffering and the reduction of economic waste – 1.64 million hours without a lost time injury or illness.”

Holly Pisarik, Director of the S.C. Department, said in a letter to the company, “Congratulations on your notable achievement in employee safety. Your record is one for which you and each of your employees may be quite proud.”

“InChem places prime importance on the safety and well-being of all our people,” said Bill Finch, InChem’s Vice President of Heath, Safety & Human Services. “We are proud of this award and appreciate the hard work and diligence of all our employees who made this possible by putting safety first.”

InChem 2013 Calendar Features Birthdays Of Famous Chemists and Scientists

InChem’s 2013 Calendar, provided to customers and other business associates, this year features an entertaining combination of birthdays of famous chemists and scientists, as well as humorous holidays such as National Chocolate Cake day.

To save space on the calendar itself, birthdays of famous men and women were only marked with their name and an asterisk (*). In case you don’t remember, for example, who Fausto D’Elhuyar was, you can now see the details that made him and 39 other luminaries noteworthy in the history of science. Just visit our calendar page here for all the colorful details.

“We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from recipients of our 2012 calendars,” said InChem President Steve Crownshaw. “Lots of people put it on their office walls so they can see and plan the whole year and special dates. This year we decided to go one better and add something interesting for every day of the year.

“It’s pretty impressive how the achievements of famous chemists go back for centuries.” Crownshaw noted. “Let’s all honor these famous men and women whose discoveries have improved our world and created jobs for many thousands of people including us at InChem and the many fine companies we supply. And let’s all take a moment to celebrate those special days of the year that honor favorite foods and one of the most important inventions of all, the plumber’s friend,” he said with a smile.

If you’re a customer or business associate of InChem Corp. and did not receive a 2013 calendar in the mail, you can request one through our online contact form.

InChem Installs New 250-gallon Reactor for Smaller Batch Production

InChem has purchased and installed a new 250-gallon stainless steel reactor that enables it to produce smaller batches of chemicals as requested by more and more customers. Key features include:

  • 316 stainless steel
  • 150 psi steam heating
  • Deep vacuum system
  • All dedicated utilities
  • PLC control with real-time data logging

“As InChem has expanded its business, more and more we’re being asked for small to intermediate quantities in scale-up applications,” explained InChem President Steve Crownshaw. “The jump from 15 to 1500 gallons is a big step, so having a reactor in between will allow for many different uses.

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InChem Corp. Wins Safety Awards from State DOL and S.C. Chamber

Safety Certificate 2010The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation recently presented a Certificate of Safety Achievement Award for the year 2011 to InChem for outstanding efforts in the promotion of industrial health and safety, including 1.5 million hours without a lost time injury or illness. Click on the image to view a full size PDF. For PDFs of other awards click on these links:
• Commendation of Excellence from S.C. Chamber for InChem Corp.
• Commendation of Excellence from S.C. Chamber for Toll Solutions LLC.

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