Custom Chemical Manufacturing Lifts the Burden of Regulatory Concerns

custom chemical manufacturingManufacturing chemicals onsite for use in the production of other products can create a bit of a regulatory nightmare for many companies. With regulations and oversight in place at both state and federal levels, producing chemical components in-house can fast become an expensive and time-consuming option that opens-up companies, and their workers, to a variety of risks. Custom chemical manufacturing providers can take away these risks while potentially saving their clients a great deal of time and money in the process.

Custom chemical manufacturing companies are third-party providers that have businesses dedicated specifically to the production of component chemicals on behalf of their clients. These firms specialize in the creation of client-required chemicals and may also serve as chemical toll manufacturers. When they are contracted to create chemicals for others, clients can anticipate these benefits in relation to regulatory compliance:

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Contract Chemical Manufacturers – Compliance Made Easier

Contract Chemical ManufacturersCompanies that require chemicals for the creation of their products are likely to find that performing all production tasks in-house is costly, time consuming and comes with a variety of government regulations that must be adhered to.

Contract chemical manufacturers provide a service that allows customers to focus on their internal key objectives for the outsourcing of product to that it is no longer a distraction for overall manufacturing compliance.

Working with custom chemical manufacturing services that offer contract production options can help on the compliance front in these ways and more:

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Toll Manufacturing Services Deliver Quality & Cost-Efficiency

toll manufacturingWhile most consumers never think about it, bringing a product to market can require input from a multitude of specialists. Products that contain oils, fragrances, chemicals and other additives, for example, may be difficult and costly to make entirely in-house. This is where contracting toll manufacturing services for the precise compounds required can save time and money while ensuring the delivery of quality ingredients.

Toll manufacturing services are designed to ensure clients obtain the specific ingredients they need processed without having to have their own chemical experts and equipment on site. Whether the need is for the creation of epoxy resin, sulfides or other compounds entirely, working with the right firm will ensure the creation of the precise additive or ingredient needed.

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Toll Manufacturing Services – Secure Necessary Chemicals for Less

molecular-distillationFrom cosmetic companies and food producers to creators of pesticides, many companies require chemical processes to complete their own products. That doesn’t mean, however, that most companies handle their own chemical processing on site. Many, in fact, contract out using toll manufacturing services. This high-quality, high-efficiency alternative enables companies to save a great deal of money while still ensuring they have the ingredients they need to make the products they deliver to their own customers.

There are a variety of reasons why companies contract out for the creation of such chemical compounds as sulfides and epoxy resin. The biggest reason tends to center on the financing. When toll manufacturing services are used instead of in-house operations, companies can save a great deal in these ways and more:

  • Establishment expenses – It is capital intensive when setting up the necessary equipment to handle complex chemical processes. Toll manufacturing services already have the equipment in place, including items needed for polymerization and urethane technology. They also have the chemists already on staff that may be required to safely oversee compound creation.
  • Ongoing expenses – Keeping highly trained staff on the payroll to create chemicals that may only play a small role in the manufacturing process can be cost prohibitive. Toll manufacturing services, however, have experts already at their disposal.
  • Safety concerns – Ensuring that processing is handled in a safe manner, in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations can be a costly venture. When chemical compounds are required for manufacturing, experts in toll manufacturing services can take this concern away. Facilities that are geared to overseeing these processes are well-versed in the safety requirements involved.
  • Speed of operations – Getting an in-house chemical processing operation established and running can be a time-consuming prospect. Toll manufacturing services are generally poised to oversee production almost immediately after gaining specifications from the clients they serve.

Contracting out for complex chemical processes simply makes sense for the bottom line in most cases. Toll manufacturing services that specialize in producing compounds for others can meet client needs often at a lower cost structure than at the current operating facility. Contact InChem today to discuss your toll manufacturing needs or questions.

Custom Chemical Manufacturing To Help Your Business

Custom chemical manufacturing companies can help you advance your business solutions, and at the same time carry out fast “turnaround time” for custom chemicals.

custom chemical manufacturingNo matter which industry you have an expertise in (cleaning solvents, pharmaceuticals, or textiles), a custom chemical manufacturing company like InChem can provide you with all the assistance you require for processing test batches, by honoring contract expectations, and implementing custom chemical processes that create added value for your business.

Most of the industries that need to make use of chemicals to operate have a basic idea of custom chemical manufacturing. But not all business owners know what these companies have in capability.

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Michael Crownshaw Named Marketing/Sales Coordinator at InChem

michael-crownshawMichael Crownshaw, former customer service coordinator for InChem in Rock Hill, has been promoted to the position of marketing/sales coordinator in Charlotte.

“This newly created role is the outcome of several key initiatives that are underway for generating new business opportunities which are aligned with overall customer satisfaction,” said Jon McCracken, Chief Operating Officer.

“Michael’s main focus will be the ‘voice’ of the customer for ensuring that InChem is pursuing  the right types of markets, that technologies are a best fit with asset management, and overall customers are receiving the value of what InChem offers in toll/contract manufacturing.”

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Brian Westmoreland Named Customer Service Coordinator At InChem

brian-westmorelandBrian Westmoreland, an Army veteran with more than 20 years experience in customer service and supply chain management, has been named the new customer service coordinator for InChem Corp. based in the Rock Hill, S.C., facility.

“Brian will be supporting account requirements and relationships with key customers by way of creating an environment for improving responsiveness,” said Jon McCracken, chief operating officer of InChem.

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InChem Blood Drive Collects 13 Units To Help 39 Lives

blood mobile


Joe Mollric donates

InChem’s blood drive on July 21 was a huge success.  InChem team members gave 13 units to the Community Blood Center of the Carolinas, which can and will help up to 39 lives in our community.

“The staff was fantastic and the blood drive went very smoothly,” said Robin Bramblett, Human Resources Manager.  “I have employees already asking to do another drive.”

InChem Receives Gold Award From Charlotte Water For Water Management Program

InChemEnvironmentalAward-CItyofCLT-2015InChem has received a Gold award from Charlotte Water, which is the highest a company can receive as a new industry in the awards competition.  InChem is also eligible to reach the Platinum level in its fifth consecutive year of Gold.

Charlotte Water, formerly known as the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department (CMUD), is the largest water utility in the Carolinas, with over 833,000 customers.

“InChem is proud to receive this award for operations of our new Charlotte plant,” said InChem President Steve Crownshaw. “Health, safety and environmental protection are top priorities for us, and we take water and environmental stewardship very seriously.”

The three award tiers are as follows:

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Jon McCracken Named To New Position: Chief Operating Officer

jon-mccracken-105pixJon McCracken, a highly experienced and certified manufacturing executive, has been named Chief Operating Officer (COO) of InChem Corp., a custom and toll chemical manufacturer based in Rock Hill, S.C.

Jon was previously Global Operations Director for a major coatings manufacturer, where he was responsible for several industrial operations worldwide. In addition, he has extensive acquisition experience, which includes integration of companies, and has served in establishing supply-chain organizations for supporting business functions such as asset utilization, procurement and demand planning/scheduling.

“As our company continues to grow nationally and internationally, including operations of three manufacturing plants in the Carolinas, we believe Jon can be a very valuable asset for our management team,” said Steve Crownshaw, InChem President. “We created this new position of COO to utilize his experience and capabilities.”

Jon attended Washburn University majoring in mechanical engineering. He has extensive American Management Association certifications in project management, supply-chain and leadership management. He also is a certified Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt.