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InChem Corporate Headquarters

InChem Corporate Headquarters

Our Core Values

• Our processes must operate in a way that meets or exceeds current best practices of health and safety in our industry.
• Our processes must comply or perform better than all current environmental regulatory standards
• Our processes must efficiently and consistently produce high quality products that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.
• Customer supplied intellectual property is held confidential.
• Continuous improvement is a virtue that should benefit all stakeholders. InChem will not modify a process without written customer approval. Any opportunities for improvement that we might discover belong to our customer and will be brought to our customer's attention.
InChem Corporation About Us

InChem Corporation - About Us

Parent company InChem Holdings is a diversified international corporation with chemical manufacturing operations in Portugal and South Africa as well as the U.S., plus sales channels worldwide. Chairman and majority owner Ken Schofield was founder and CEO of Manro, CEO of Hickson International Plc, CEO of MTM plc, with over 40 years of experience in specialty and performance chemicals. Our decentralized management structure keeps central overheads low and ensures cost-effective operations.

About InChem Corp.
aerial view of Rock Hill plant• InChem Corporation (USA) was formed in 1992 following the purchase of the phenoxy resins business from the Union Carbide Corporation.
• Our secure 46-acre site has two separate manufacturing plants as well as a 75,000 square foot distribution center, pilot plant and extensive laboratory facilities.
• This site, in Rock Hill, SC, was purchased from BASF carbon fibers division in 1993.
• We are strategically located less than a mile from Interstate 77, 20 minutes from Charlotte’s international airport, and three hours from major seaports at Charleston, S.C.
• The Rock Hill site was subject to full environmental audit and judged clean prior to purchase in 1992. Site is still clean of any significant environmental issues.
• Toll manufacturing began in 1993 with majority of work done for Union Carbide/Dow Chemical and Ciba due to existing relationships.
• The Rock Hill plant produces phenoxy resins, specialty polymers, toll, custom and contract manufacturing for many well known blue-chip chemical companies.
• InChem is committed to the highest standards of health and safety, quality control and environmental stewardship. InChem operates under a conditional major air permit and NPDES permit.

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