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Make Or Buy?

Find out why many leading chemical companies outsource manufacturing of key ingredients to InChem. »

Specialty Chemical Manufacturing

Process Development

InChem's team of highly qualified professionals can develop chemical processes for the results you need. »
Chemical Process Development

Scale-Up & Pilot Plant

Before launching a high-volume operation, test the process at a small level
to reduce risk and cost
Custom Chemical Manufacturers

Chemical Blending

InChem has extensive capabilities for blending of chemicals, powders, liquids, colloids, and more. »
Chemical Blending

Easy To Work With

InChem is known for being easy to work with, especially developing innovative solutions to complex problems. »
Custom Chemical & Specialty Chemical Manufacturers

InChem Corp.

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Specialty Chemical & Toll Manufacturing Services

Contract, Toll and Specialty Chemical Manufacturing
By InChem Corporation, An Innovative Global Supplier

InChem Corporation of Rock Hill, S.C., provides custom, contract and toll manufacturing of specialty chemicals to many of the world’s leading chemical companies in need of a responsive, cost-effective partner.

InChem is also a leading global supplier of Phenoxy resins, which are high-value-added products used in such demanding technologies as composites, adhesives and coatings for aerospace, automotive, electronics, engineered plastics, packaging and consumer goods applications. We serve many of the leading chemical and manufacturing companies in the U.S. and the world.

Please click on the links on this page for more information about how InChem can assist you and your business. Call us at 1-800-331-7721 or use our online contact form.

Contract Manufacturing


Toll Manufacturing


Manufacturing Plant

Contract Chemical Manufacturers
  Toll Manufacturing Services
  Chemical Manufacturing Plant & Processing Equipment
Do you have your own formulas and processes you want us to follow? Or do you have a desired end product and need us to develop a solution? Either way you can trust InChem's highly skilled team to meet your contract manufacturing requirements. »
  InChem is a recognized industry expert in toll manufacturing involving polymerizations, silane and siloxane chemistry, epichlorohydrin reactions, vacuum distillations, elemental sodium, sulfur, and custom processes.
More about toll manufacturing
  InChem has a secure 46-acre manufacturing site, a 75,000-square-foot distribution center, and two full-sized chemical manufacturing plants to meet a wide range of customer needs. In addition we have extensive pilot plant and laboratory facilities. »


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