InChem’s Chemical Processes Use Wide Range Of Chemical Reactor Systems

A Wide Range Of Chemical Reactor Systems

Chemical processes provided by InChem include custom and toll manufacturing of chemicals used in such demanding technologies as elastomers, specialty polymers, composites, coatings, adhesives, films and many more

InChem will work with you to determine which chemical processes and equipment will best suit your needs. For more information, click on these links for detailed specifications and diagrams of our currently available reactor systems:

» K2 Reactor System – 4,000 gallon capacity with 2 condensers and 1,800 gallon receiver

» K3 Reactor System – 4,000 gallon, 2 condensers, one 2,000-gallon receiver and one 475-gallon receiver

» K4 Reactor System – 6,000 gallons, 304 SS, 2 condensers, two 1,500-gallon Inconel receivers

» K5 Reactor System – 1,800 gallon, 2 condensers, one 2,000-gallon receiver

» K6 Reactor System – 2,750 gallon, one condenser, one 2,000-gallon receiver

» K7 Reactor System – 6,000 gallon, one condenser, one 750-gallon receiver

» Distillation Evaporator System – Wiped Film Evaporator, 2 sq-meter GIG; Molecular Still, 2 sq-meter GIG; two condensers; deep vacuum capability, steam or hot oil heating

» 250-Gallon Distillation System, including 250-gallon reactor, 2 sq-meter thin film evaporator and 2-sq meter short path evaporator

Core Chemical Processes

In addition to our many toll manufacturing services, our core chemical processing services include:
• Multi-step synthesis
• Molecular and thin-film distillation
• Acrylic resins
• Silane chemistry
• Water-based polymerization
chemical processes• Solvent-based polymerization
• Hydrolysis
• Esterification
• Epoxidation
• Trans-esterification
• Etherification
• Methylation
• Amidation
• Acetylation
• Acylation
• Liquid to powder
• Hydrogen sulfide
• Methyl chloride
• Alkylation
• Polymeric condensations
• Specialty distillations
• Permitted for ethanol

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