InChem Installs New 250-gallon Reactor for Smaller Batch Production

InChem has purchased and installed a new 250-gallon stainless steel reactor that enables it to produce smaller batches of chemicals as requested by more and more customers. Key features include:

  • 316 stainless steel
  • 150 psi steam heating
  • Deep vacuum system
  • All dedicated utilities
  • PLC control with real-time data logging

“As InChem has expanded its business, more and more we’re being asked for small to intermediate quantities in scale-up applications,” explained InChem President Steve Crownshaw. “The jump from 15 to 1500 gallons is a big step, so having a reactor in between will allow for many different uses.

“This is a first stage of a plan to widen our reactor capacities to meet customer needs, representing an investment of about $250,000. The next step will be the addition of two 500-gallon reactors similar to the 250, plus Reynolds high-viscosity agitation systems, investing about $500,000. By enabling customers to make smaller batches, it reduces the cost of scale-ups by up to 80 percent. Providing real-time data logging also allows state-of-the-art feedback on in-process conditions,” Crownshaw said.