InChem Celebrates 4,000 Days Without A Lost Work Day

InChem Corp. celebrated 4,000 days without a lost work day on May 30, 2014, with an outdoor barbecue picnic at the Rock Hill facility for all InChem staff.

“No ‘lost work days’ means no injuries that would warrant an employee having to miss work,” explained Bill Finch, VP of Human Services for InChem Group. “A major reason for this is our pre-activity planning process which we launched 10 years ago to maximize safety here.”

The pre-activity planning process requires that, before any work is done or projects started, participants must meet to:

  • Define the work
  • Analyze the hazards
  • Develop controls
  • Perform the work within the controls
  • Ensure safe performance

“This isn’t a suggestion,” Finch said. “It is a rule. You have to buy into it if you are going to work for InChem. In a given year we may have over 5,000 pre-activity planning meetings involving multiple people, totaling over 15,000 safety contacts. It’s taken a lot of patience to put this system in place, but in time people see the benefits of the process. It only takes a few extra minutes but it can literally save lives.”

New hires coming to InChem from other chemical companies are “blown away by this,” Finch said. “Our customers who come to do a site audit are also very impressed. Very few companies do anything like this to ensure safety. That’s one reason we have continued to win safety awards from the South Carolina Department of Labor and the state Chamber of Commerce.”

“We really appreciate how everyone on the InChem team has worked hard to make safe practices a top priority,” said InChem President Steve Crownshaw. “This outdoor picnic was just a small way to thank everyone for their contributions – and every person counts.”