How to Select the Right Contract Manufacturer

Contract Chemical ManufacturerThe chemical manufacturing process can be costly and time-consuming if you do everything yourself. You have to think about buying, leasing, and maintaining equipment.   You also have to hire the right people for the job. For these reasons, companies turn to contract manufacturers to outsource critical chemical production activities.

When it comes to contract chemical manufacturing, you may choose to get in touch with skilled manufacturers like InChem who can more efficiently and quickly produce a product. Here are some tips for choosing the right contract manufacturer:

  • Assess your needs – Get to know your chemical manufacturing requirements.   Understand why you need/want to outsource the task.   What specialized skills do you require from your manufacturing partner?  These skills might include reactive monomer handling (isocyanates, acrylics), regulatory related requirements (FIFRA, PSM), and certain process capabilities (hot oil temperatures, molecular distillation). Knowing your requirements makes it easier to review your needs with manufacturers.  This process will also help potential partners determine if your requirements are a “fit” for their capabilities.
  • Get to know your partner’s process –  Seasoned contract chemical manufacturers will follow your own process or they can share their expertise to help you create a high-value product or process.   You should be confident in their ability to meet your custom, toll, and contract manufacturing requirements economically and safely.  Will the manufacturer be transparent in sharing production  and quality information.
  • Verify their processes – Hire manufacturers that follow proven standards and regulations in chemical manufacturing and environmental compliance.  Consider a service provider with its own secure manufacturing site, distribution center, and chemical manufacturing plant.   Do they have dedicated customer service and proper certifications (as ISO)?   Is your partner available for environmental and quality audits?

To learn more about how InChem can meet your contract manufacturing needs, call us at 1-800-331-7721 or use our online contact form.