Holographic Greeter “Molly Cool” Is Big Hit At InChem Trade Show Booth

“Molly Cool,” an amazing Holographic Greeter from the future, joined the InChem team in its trade show booth at the Chemicals America Specialty & Agro show in Wilmington, NC, in early September 2013.

“Molly” is a lifesize holographic projection that tells visitors all about InChem in 2 minutes or less. Here is a video of what she looks like (taken in the studio before the show); just click on the play button:

“Molly Cool” (named for “molecule” – get it?) is believed to be the first Holographic Greeter ever employed at a trade show event by a U.S. chemical company. In addition to holding a short InChem slide show in her hands, she also demonstrates agitation and pump equipment as well as pelletized products such as InChem makes. The pellets appear to fall down in front of her, and so for added impact granular pellets were scattered on the floor at her feet.

“The vast majority of visitors to our booth thought Molly was great, and they listened to what she had to say,” said InChem President Steve Crownshaw, who dreamed up the “Greeter” after seeing another version in the Charlotte area. “In fact our little 8X8 foot booth got pretty crowded at times. The technology is very intriguing, so we had plenty of scientists trying to figure out how she worked. A couple admitted it was a little creepy, because it is a little like having an apparition speaking in front of you. But Molly was very cheerful and we truly enjoyed having her with us. We feel we got some new business leads we would not have gotten otherwise, because practically everyone at the show came to our booth. It demonstrated our innovation and our ability to think outside the box.”