InChem’s Capabilities Include Mixing, Blending, Reactions, Dispersions And Emulsions

InChem's chemical blending  services can be grouped into two main categories:
• Toll projects – Customer supplies all materials and packaging
• Custom products – InChem may provide some or all materials and packaging

These services are provided through the following versatile capabilities:

Chemical Mixing – Mixing solids and liquid – not a reaction but a solution, including compounding (adding a solid to a liquid to get a desired viscosity); making stable emulsions by adding compounds to water; with temperatures up to 170º C, from 50 gal to 5600 gal per vessel
High-Shear Mixing – Mixing for added stability due to particle size reduction, usually for adding stability to otherwise unstable emulsions; taking solids and dispersing them into a liquid carrier at a high rate of speed and tremendous mechanical energy from specialized mixers, homogenizers, or rotor stators
Chemical Blending – Mixing liquid and liquid – creating a new formulation without chemical reaction, such as making emulsion using high shear and surfactants
Chemical Reactions – Creating new molecular entities through chemical reactions of gaseous, liquid or solid raw materials; specialization in silane and silicone chemistry, hydrosilylation, and free radical polymerization
Dispersions – Suspending a solid in a liquid in a relatively stabilized form, through homogenization, high shear agitation, and milling
Emulsions – Similar to dispersions – includes a dispersion (solid and liquid) and water, with high shear mixing, including challenging emulsions comprised of silicon fluids, silica or titanium dioxide
Flaking – Melting a solid and reforming it into flakes to ease material handling
Particle Size Reduction – Use mechanical means to reduce particle size in some type of carrier liquid through homogenization, milling, rotor stator or similar means, yielding higher-performance products and increasing stability; full advanced particle size analyses from sub-micron levels, as well as colorimetry, gas chromatography, and other analytical methodologies
Plastic Processing – Washing, extrusion, pelletization – mechanical or chemical processes

Analytical Capabilities - Our blending services are backed by extensive analytical capabilities – both the equipment and experienced analytical chemists to take care of your requirements:

• GCs
• Particle size analyzers
• Titrations
• Brookfield Viscometers
• Colorimeter
• Highly qualified and experienced Ph.D. chemists and chemical engineers to provide the professional guidance and support you need, including analytical method development of custom formulations and blends.

Examples Of Chemicals Processed By InChem
Examples of chemicals we blend and mix include the following, plus many others in response to customer needs:

• Monomers
• Solvent dilution
• Emulsions and dispersions
• Colloids
• Aqueous blending
• Surfactants and lubricants
• Stable liquid-powder suspensions
• Prepolymer and stabilized polymer emulsions
• Silica and silicone emulsions
• Rheology modifiers
• Coatings
• Particle size modification
• High shear mix
• Hot mixes and inert atmosphere
• FIFRA blending for agricultural products


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