Anthony LaRocca Named Manufacturing Manager For Rock Hill

InChem has named Anthony LaRocca Manufacturing Manager for the Rock Hill facility, effective immediately. He will be responsible for all operational activity at Rock Hill after completing a transition period with Kaushik Vashee, current site manager. Moving forward, Vashee will serve all three InChem sites as VP of Technical and Engineering.

“Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and we are very excited to have him here,” said Jon McCracken, InChem COO. “His focus will be in three key areas for providing support with operational training, first batch quality and inventory management.”

LaRocca is a graduate of the University Pittsburgh School of Engineering, where he received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He has over 11 years of success and contributions as a leader in fast-paced production environments, working his way up from Shift Engineer to Production Manager to VP of Operations. He has effectively managed major projects and programs of business while consistently meeting all timelines and working with stringent budgets.

Why Toll Manufacturing Can Be Advantageous For Your Business

Toll manufacturing is a process in which a company enters into a contract with a third party that has a specialized production plant to process raw materials or semi-finished products for the company. It has been around for decades in different industries but is now growing in prominence in chemical manufacturing. The company that is seeking to outsource their product only needs to provide a technical package, raw materials and quality requirements to the toll manufacturer. The manufacturer then takes these raw materials and processes them in their facilities for chemical production.

Here are a few reasons why toll manufacturing can be very valuable for your business:

    • One of the biggest reasons why many businesses opt for custom chemical manufacturing is that it allows them to gain access to the well-equipped production units of the third party manufacturers. The toll manufacturing service providers like InChem have production units with the latest modern equipment for toll manufacturing, with large to small scale output capacity; this provides flexibility for orders on behalf of their customers. Your company does not have to invest a significant amount of money or effort in setting up a production unit on its own.

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